Are you in need of a Singapore based Service Provider? SGconnect has hundreds of Service Providers that have signed up and are ready to bid on any jobs you post on our site, these can be customised requests or standard every day jobs & tasks.


The best part is, our service is completely free to use for posting jobs and you can view the reviews and ratings of local providers without the hassle of follow up marketing or being swamped with calls and emails.

See how it works here.


Why should you use our service to find a Service Provider?

 icon-arrow Your job automatically alerts specialists in Singapore, giving you immediate access to relevent experts that will bid for your job

Your job page has Social Media Integration allowing you to easily advertise on multiple platforms but control the communication through us!

 icon-arrow You set the bidding criteria and state exactly what you are looking for, allowing the process to apply to literally any type of work
 icon-arrow Reviews on our site are all from other registered users that are based in Singapore, ensuring you get an accurate background check.
icon-arrow Payments to the provider are made via SGconnect so that both you and the provider can have piece of mind and sense of security over any risks of poor job quality or the hassle of cash/cheque discussions.
icon-arrow The process of Job bidding removes a large amount of work and effort for you.
icon-arrow  You can upload images and designs attached to the job allowing more specific and accurate bids to be made from the outset.


Once the Job is completed, you can then leave feedback for all the other SGconnect users to see.

Although SGconnect does not hand pick the Service Providers, the process of user feedback and ratings for each Service Provider from their customers will eventually show which Service Providers are better than others.

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