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2015 revamp smallSGconnect is a Services Marketplace for Singapore, helping you to connect to local Service providers.  The purpose is to help provide transparent information and shared knowledge on local services, specifically the quality of service you can expect to receive through the interaction and feedback of customers with each service provider. 


In saying that, we offer much more than just a consumer review platform.   We've several thousand Service Providers listed in our Directory and many more joining each day.  Each of these local businesses have an online profile where you can request cost quotations, see latest promotions and view the ratings provided by other users. Through rewarding the good and exposing the bad, we hope to help improve service qualities in many different areas accross Singapore and provide a useful tool for consumers and Service Providers alike.  Plus, it's free to use!


Another key function is that we can help obtain pricing quotations to you directly from multiple Providers just through a single form submission, saving time having to ring around multiple businesses.   This allows the user, whom is requesting costing, to review the best quotes and then manage communication to their chosen service provider in an easy instant messaging solution, payments can be managed through our site (useful for large projects with milestones!) or directly with each other.


Registrations of Service Providers and users are from Singapore only, this ensures you will receive only local and relevant quotations without unwanted noise from overseas internet traffic. 

SGconnect operates with focus on 4 key values: Effectiveness, Quality Improvement, Time Efficiency & Sense of Security.  Everything we build into our solution has these 4 values taken into consideration. 



We want to help develop good quality Service Providers and highlight points of improvement for others based on customer feedback.  To help facilitate an easier process for reviews and ratings, SGconnect created www.rate.sg - a single form input site that submits customer reviews directly into the profile page of any registered Service Provider without having to navigate through the main site.   This simple input page can be used at the end of each job to help quickly capture the ratings from the customer, taking less than a minute to complete.   SGconnect also provides a 



The Founder

About Us


Founder, Eve previously worked in a variety of project management roles and moved to Singapore in early 2008 working for a large multinational business. 


One of the more challenging aspects Eve found in moving to a new country was being able to juggle the needs of her family, her job and managing the day-to-day household tasks such as air con repair, decorators, delivery services, home movers etc.   As many people often experience, there are few things as frustrating as paying someone to do a job only to find out they turn up at the wrong time, don't complete the job, cut corners and generally provide a poor quality service.  This wasnt just for home tasks either, trying to find reliable & recommended swimming coach for the kids, someone to repair a cracked mobile phone screen.


Although it was possible to find plenty of contact numbers in the usual directory services, there was a disconnect with no local website offering consumers a source to refer to for reviews and ratings of these service providers similar to what you get with other major activities such as shopping, travel and dining.


SGconnect is ACRA registered partnership and has a team of well experienced individuals that are focused on helping people find quality Service Providers through a comparative and informative web portal.   We also look to help small businesses and start-up businesses to build an online profile and provide them with local relevant leads and jobs that they can be bid on.


We are ever evolving to help you...







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