Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions to help provide some basic guidance on our services and website.  You can also post questions into the discussion boards or send an message to our support team.


Job Posters

How much does it cost to post a job?
It is free to post a job, you just need to register with us - which is simplly done with an email or using your facebook account.
How long does it take to post a job?
Generally a few minutes.  The more details and description you can provide, the better response rate and less questions you will get from the Service Providers.
What kind of service providers are bidding on the jobs I decide to post?
SGconnect specialises in Singapore based businesses and you will only receive interest from Service Providers that are specialising in the type of work you have posted.
How long does it take to receive bids after posting a job?
As soon as you submit your job to our site, notification is sent to the registered Service Providers that have listed your type of job as their area of expertise.  They will review your posting and provide questions and bid amounts.   You need to make sure you also ask questions back to the Service Providers on their bids to ensure the work done is exactly what you need.
What do I do once I have received bids?
From your dashboard, you will see notifcations of bids and questions posted (you can also opt to receive these notifications or not via email), clicking on these links will take you to the 'My Jobs' page.   On this page, any jobs you have posted will be listed and selecting the job will then show all the bids.  You can respond or award the job to a specific Service Provider.
What if there are no bids coming in for my job?
We will monitor jobs and the response rates and will help to increase the visibility of the job to the market should there be a shortage of adequate Service Providers making bids.  However, you should appreciate that you job needs to have a realistic budget and expectation, Service Providers will not make bids on work that is going to be a loss-maker for them or an unachievable timeframe.
Once a Service Provider has submitted a bid, do they have to stick to that amount?
Not until the job is awarded to the Service Provider and they have accepted the award. The service provider provides his best estimate according to your job description. However, there may some refinement of the bid as communications are finalised which will be up to you and the Service Provider to agree upon.  However, the job needs to be 'awarded' by the job poster and 'accepted' by the service provider before it is locked in.  
What if service provider needs to see the actual job site in person before making a bid?
This is entirely up to you, the greater amount of description including uploaded images you can submit, then the less likely.  However, for larger jobs and projects, a site visit may be needed.  Following the visit, the bidding process will continue as normal.
How do I know which Service Provider to select?
Through our site, you are provided with a wealth of information and the direct bids from Service Providers allows you to compare and select.  You should use common sense and discretion when selecting a Service Provider and do as much background checking you can on top of the information provided by our site.   The ratings and reviews on our site are 100% genuine and only submitted from registered users that have either awarded jobs or used that Service Provider in the past.
How do I pay the service provider?
At present, payments will be done through our site.  We have banking and PayPal facilities set up which makes for an easier transaction.  If you wish to make a settlement payment outside of our website and both parties agree to this, then you can contact our support team and they will instruct you and the Service Provider on how to proceed.
Once the job is completed, how do I provide feedback for other users?
This is a fundamental aspect of our service, that you are helping to create.  Once the job is completed both parties will be given a few questions to complete allowing for ratings and comments on the other party.   This will be posted on the Service Providers profile page and helps them to grow their business or, if negative, warns other job posters about a bad experience.  It is important and we strongly recommend that feedback is always left following jobs being completed.

Service Provider

How much does this cost my business?
Essentially, there is no cost to register and promote your services & you can bid on 30 jobs posted per year without any fees.  For other features, you can take a look at our fees and subscription page.
How many Service Providers will bid on the jobs that I am bidding for?
This will depend on a number of factors. For example, the number of Service Providers that have registered for the job type will differ so certain types of work have more interested parties than other types of work. You can improve the number of bids you receive by ensuring the details and requirements of the job are as detailed and comprehensive as you can make them, we have found jobs that have less details will attract less bidders due to the unknown extra's that Service Providers will avoid dealing with. Our Service Providers can not always provide an immediate response so, the amount of time that the Job Poster leaves the bidding open for. The Job Poster can have an end date for bids however they can also freeze the process at any stage if they receive enough.
Who can register as a Service Provider?
Our site is aimed to help small businesses, start-ups, freelancers and individual specialists - anyone that can provide a specialist service.   You will need an email address and we encourage you to build your profile page with as much information as possible to help Job Posters understand your skills and
How will I know if there is a job posting I should bid on? Do I have to check the site every day?
You do not need to check the website every day. After you register our system will automatically match job postings with the service you provide and send you an email each time. That means you can bid on a job right from your mobile phone. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.
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