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One of the easiest ways to quickly spruce up a room or give life back into an old piece of furniture is to apply a coat of paint.  It's one of the most effective ways to revitalise a home environment without necessarily spending a lot of money, however there are quite a few things to consider though before you start out and spend any money.

At SGconnect we can help you find exactly the right person for the job in Singapore. We have a variety of quality painters registered, from small freelancers to larger local companies, you'll be able to quickly find the right service provider for your project.  Our articles, forum and blogs should help you make an informed decision and you can see and share the experiences with others.

Browse through our directory and you can either contact a Service Provider directly or Post your job criteria on our site and our registered Painters will bid on the job though providing quotations and timeframes.

We can even manage the payment process for you through PayPal and you can make partial payments for larger projects, giving you and the Service Provider a piece of mind.

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Things to consider when choosing a Painter:

Paint, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, tape, filling holes, prepping, cleaning, the cost, the time... It’s a lot of work. Luckily it's one of those jobs where you can easily find someone willing to do it for you for a relatively reasonable fee.  However, you still need to take some steps to ensure you hire the right person for the job.  The guy who painted your neighbour's house might not be the right person to paint your baby’s nursery or an old chair that needs some meticulous varnishing.

You may want to consider the type of painting they have done in the past. Commercial, Interiors, Outdoor, Furniture, Specialist work, all require different tools, skills and understanding. Your painter should be experienced and professional.  Ensure they use quality paint and brushes.  Also, are they equipped to properly cover your floors/furniture to ensure nothing is damaged. If something does get damaged, will they will be willing to compensate/repair. Do they offer a guarantee for their work?

One of the problems in Singapore that frequently occurs, is that the person you meet to come and review the job will then have cheaper labour that is not great quality to complete the work.   It's important to know who you are letting into your home and who exactly will be doing the actual painting and can you trust them.



How many years has the Service Provider been in business?
Does the business / Service Provider use the same set of staff or does it have a large number of temporary contractors.  

Point to note: Good reliable businesses have a consistent team of the same staff which work on jobs, contrary  most bad painting jobs come from companies just using poor quality or untrained contractors to complete work above their usual capacity.

"" Certification & Qualification
Specfically, see our Accreditation (Certification) in Singapore section below for more details on Singapore standards and key badges to use for quality and knowledge assurance.
"" Online Reviews
Does the Service Provider have any reviews on SGconnect?
Can you check any independent sites or sources for feedback/reviews of the Service Provider?
"" Portfolio
Is there some photo's you can see of previous work?
"" Building Management Policies
Does your Facilities management have policies with regard to when and how painting and decorating work can be carried out. 


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Accreditation (Certification) in Singapore

In Singapore, Painters are not necessarily required to be licensed or accredited with any governing body unless there are specific types of job that will fall within government regulations. Generally, Painters and Decorators are only required to be al worker with the Ministry of Manpower. However, you may want to look at whether or not they are registered with:

bizsafe2   BizSafe
Ensuring they are trained in working safely
HDB   HDB Registered
can carry out work on HDB properties


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Detailing your job requirements

Be clear on your jobs requirements. Timeline, materials, costs, liability. Is there damage like holes, stains or mold to be repaired? Will you require a primer, one coat or two?  
If time is of the essence, set a strict deadline and have this agreed before work commences. If you have children or will be living in the space, request odourless paint. Paint color is one of the most important things to be clear about. We’ve all heard the joke “i said cream, not green!” Be certain on the tones, look and feel you want to achieve. A good painter should be able to advise you. If you can, test a small area before you have a whole room painted. Colors can look different on the wall then in the can. And agree with your painter how many coats are needed.  

"" Experience
"" Time
Are you needing the paint job completed immediately or do you have some time, time flexibility saves money

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General Market Rates for Painting

In Singapore, painters charge plus factor in other considerations such as travel, complexities, additional jobs as part of preparation or clearing the work area.
Two things to keep in mind with regards to pricing: 1) labour costs 2) Paint/material costs. 
 Rates for both vary, but you can keep these general general rates found in Singapore

Prices based upon # sources
 Interior wall painting for HDB units
 Single Room  $400  $800  $600  4
 Two Room  $500  $1,000  $850  4
 Three Room  $600  $1,300  $1,050  4
 Four Room  $800  $1,600  $1,200  4
 Five Room  $950  $1,700  $1,300  4
 Interior wall painting for Condo units
Single Room  $400  $800  $600  4
Two Room  $500  $1,000  $850  4
Three Room  $600  $1,300  $1,050  4
Four Room  $800  $1,600  $1,200  4
Five Room  $950  $1,700 $1,300   4
 Wood in good condition  $13 p/m  $25 p/m    
 Wood in bad condition  $17 p/m  $30 p/m    
 Brick  $13 p/m  $16 p/m    

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How can SGconnect help you:



We save you money!

SGconnect allows you to post a job request and receive mulitple quoations, allowing you to select the best price from our many specialists.

Plus, through our market research on Service Providers, we will publish general market rate for various services in Singapore so you can ensure you're not paying above average rates without good cause.


We connect you to relevent Services quickly!

Our Directory provides an up to date listing of all service providers, based on category of work and an ability for you to see what others thought of them.

There are currently thousands of different providers listed and new ones signing with us every day.  Just one job posting allows you to compare.


Share your requirements!

Our site allows you to fully document and take photos to ensure the job requirements are clearly understood by all parties.  These details remain on our site for any reference and allow you to gain feedback on the job request, making sure all small details have been considered.

We will contact Specialists!

If we notice the your job posting is not getting any quotations or does not have many Service Providers registered to provide feedback to you, we will contact specialists in order to ensure you get a fair response and enough quotes to choose from.

Payment Management and Structuring!

Our portal allows you to agree a payment structure with any Service Provider and to track and release payments based on agreed milestones of the service you're requesting.

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