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Decorator / Painter NEEDED!

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Style intervention please!!!!!!!  My kids rooms need some serious TLC and my designs go as far as Ikea, which is totally depressing! Need someone to come in, paint, redecorate, just make them look a little more special. I have one boy room and one girl room. Small-ish size rooms, but good space to work with. 

***My girl (3): so far isn't really a girly girly girl (her brothers influance I suppose, and mine), so your typical fairy princess theme is out! Think green instead of pink. 

***My boy (4.5): Is a Boy with a capital 'B'! Trucks, trains, robots, rockets... all good. His current bed is literally a race car (which would be good to work around).

Please send me some quotes on doing two kids rooms, I actually have no idea what this all should cost, so very open to detailed suggestions! 


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$ 1,500 - $ 4,000

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